Claiming Rage as Part of Courage, 1984

Joseph Priestley District Meeting Keynote by Lucile Longview

Lucile introduces her remarks with: I agreed to speak today as an “outsider” from my “outsider” point of view and my “outsider” experience. By “outsider:’ I mean outside the institutional heirarohy. Most feminists realize that all women are outsiders in our culture whether we play roles in the institution or not. I speak of “outsiderness” with pride. Women are cultivating outsider knowledge and are bringing into existence a feminist theology which. like liberation theology, reflects the oonsciousness of the unseen–of the powerless.

Claiming Rage as Part of Courage, Longview – 31 March 1984

The following talk was given at TOP, and covers many of the same important psychological states Lucile experienced as she continued expressing  her feminist awakening.

ANGER – Living With Change – Owning Our Scary Emotions, 1983