Tributes to Lucile

These pieces highlight Lucile’s life and accomplishments, providing details about her Women and Religion involvements, her participation in the Theological Opportunities Program,  her personality, and her point of view. Written at the time of her passing, these pieces capture the spirit and essence of this exceptional woman!

Lucile setting up W&R Workshop at 1998 GA

Lucile Longview Remembered by Liz Fisher

Challenging the Patriarchy of World Religions, Honoring Lucile and her response

ICUUW Article by Liz – Summer 2010 Newsletter

In Celebration of Lucile’s Life

Obituary posted on the UUWR Website

Sermon honoring Lucile, Jan Flanagan Speaking Our Truth: The Legacy of Lucile Longview

A quote from the sermon:

Lucile wrote: “My energy for changing existing religious institutions subsides. I am becoming indifferent to religion as expressed by all patriarchal institutions. I want to turn my energy toward bringing about a new age, a new consciousness. I want to create a life-giving vision and not resuscitate the old death dealing one.”

Lucile in Joy mode with arms raised

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