First UU Women’s Conference, Grailville, Ohio 1979

Seventy-two religious leaders committed to the health and growth of the Unitarian Universalist movement and to the task of erasing sexism within our denomination met at Grailville, a spiritual retreat center outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, over the 1979 Memorial Day Weekend. The conference, called “Beyond this Time,” was the first such continental effort sponsored by the UUA Office of the President to explore the religious roots of sexism and to begin to examine the ways men and women in the denomination overlook and undervalue women.

Included in the manual Women and Religion Grailville 79 – Beyond This Time are worship services, workshop ideas, and educational sessions used at the Grailville conference. This is the second program manual resulting from the work of the UUA Women and Religion Committee and the vast network of religious leaders concerned about implementing the Women and Religion resolution.

The final time to be together was on the steps of the caravansary for this picture of participants in the first UUA Women and Religion conference at Grailville, Ohio (1979).

And then we parted … The final trek to the bus, and back home to “spread the word”