Women and UU Principles

The new principles were adopted in 1985, two years before she made this presentation. For Lucile, revising the principles was so important because of the sexist nature of the previous principles.

Slideshow – W&R Resolution and UU Principles

Lucile’s statement re progress on the W and R Resolution to General Assembly, 1987

Lucile says: 

“We must value our current principles, for they can and must be made to embrace a theology that affirms the full humanity of women and men.”

(LF) Comment: She then goes on to quote the principles. This is really the center of Lucile’s theology. It runs throughout all of her pieces.

Lucile says:

“The interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” provides a feminist sense of relationship that need not lead to domination and subordination, but affirms and values the totality of life.”

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Feminism in the UUA — Lucile