Paradigm Shift

The concept of a Paradigm Shift came into use in the 1960s  and greatly  influenced Lucile and others. This page includes two pieces which present the main aspects of this Shift. One is a essay written by me, Elizabeth Fisher, and the other is a speech on Feminist Values by Bill Schulz, president of the UUA from 1985-93.


My essay is published in the Rise Up & Call Her Name Sourcebook.  This Sourcebook provided addition resources to support and expand issues explored in the sessions.

PARADIGM SHIFT by Elizabeth Fisher

Bill Schulz, president of the UUA from 1985-1993.  was passionate about social justice and participated in many marches and protests for women’s rights, minority rights, and environmental rights. He raised awareness of the importance of diversity within Unitarian Universalism.

Feminist Values by Bill Schulz, excerpts from speech 1987