Feminist Theology in the UUA — East Lansing Convocation, 1980

Lucile: My staternent will explore how we in the  Unitarian Universalist Association have tried to reform the sexist nature of the UUA through the resolution process…. I also want us to search for ways, beyond the resolutions process, whereby we can more effectively move our patriarchal monolith toward a feminist consciousness.

This paper was presented at the UU Women and Religion Convocation ’80 in East Lansing, MI, November 15, 1980, by LUCILE SCHUCK LONGVIEW Initiator and Promoter of the 1977 Women and Religion Resolution

Feminist Theology in the UUA, Convocation ’80

Here is the announcement for this historically critical meeting:

UUWR Convocation 1980 – E Lansing, Mch