Pictures of Lucile

Celebration of the Life of Lucile Longview – Order of Service and Pictures

See pictures of display collages made by Lucile’s family:
Display Posters at Lucile’s Celebration – MJ Broadbent

Lucile family assembled these wonderful collages of her throughout her life. No  names appear though the years the photos were taken, from 1980-2000, are included. Lucile’s humor and her serious intensity are both obvious. The scenes also reflect how active and engaged Lucile was throughout her life with women as they pursued liberation.

Photos of Lucile from The Red Notebook

Other engaging snaps of Lucile at various times in her life:

Lucile Longview - 1996Lucile Longview - 1992Portrait of Lucile used on UUWF website 2010Lucile in Joy mode with arms raised