A New Balance of Power — Dependence, Independence, Interdependence

In this account of her life to her 70th birthday, Lucile concentrates on her family dynamics and her changing view of herself as she grows older. She also recounts important new perceptions she has of herself in relation to her children (which she calls progeny) and grandchildren.  Her growing feminist consciousness has changed her perspective, that is clear. It has also brought her to view her own childhood and the changes that have taken place in her own life and in the culture at large over her 70 years.

From the introductory remarks:

Now, somewhere near the middle of the third generation as Lucile Schuck Longyiew she sees herself as a big-picture feminist/ hammering away at the walls of patriarch~l consciousness. On different occasions she has titled herself:

  • Outsider by intention
  • Change Agent without portfolio

It is this third generation woman, with a sense-of-self that is ever changing –still becoming—that most of us in the TOPs program have known.


Introducing Lucile, Oct 30, 1986

A New Balance of Power–Dependence, Independence, Interdependence