Why Longview?

Lucile said, in 1982, of her adoption of the name Longview:

I think of myself as a futurist and that name Longview, which you may have wondered about, includes that. “Longview” came from my subconscious and attached itself to me nearly four years ago (1978) and I’m now beginning to own it. After all these years of ignoring and squelching my inner voice, it is a scary turn-around to claim the power of naming for the empowering act that it is. Owning “Longview” is a naming of my being and my becoming — encompassing more than my past; including also my perceptions of myself as a futurist.

“As a futurist, I believe with those who claimed that a deep underlying shift in the entire culture is taking place. The more I’m open to such a change, the more I look for evidence of it, the more people I find writing about it. “

In the 1980s Lucile legally changed her surname to Longview.

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