Liz’s Home

I have been married now for nearly forty years to Bob Fisher, my partner in feminism and so many other mutual interests. We share deep interests in spirituality, art, music and drama. We both revere Nature as embodied spirituality and spend much time communing with plants and animals.  Today, we have been Unitarian Universalists since 1982.

We live in Pacific Grove, Calif. the last small town in America with a rich history of female presence.  We are just two blocks from the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary where whales, seals, dolphins and all manner of other creatures abound. Deer walk the neighborhoods. Asilomar (means Refuge-by- the-Sea) Retreat and State Park is here, designed by Julia Morgan and historically owned by the YWCA, the organization that operated Asilomar as an empowerment experience for working class girls. Julia Morgan, one of the first women architects, designed it. (Morgan is world famous for the many buildings she designed in California.)  A dozen of the original buildings remain, restored and appointed. They are all open to all of us…because they are owned by the State.

Before moving to the Monterey Peninsula five years ago, we lived for thirty-three years in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in Berkeley, Ca., home of the Free Speech Movement, and Richmond Ca.  where we were fortunate to be part of a thriving progressive community.

Currently we are in the throws of completing the content of a soon to be released  interactive website entitled Rainbows at the Crossroads: Activating the Moral Power of Sharing and Caring. It is a dynamic project that links many resources and is woven around a fictional character, Mary B. Hunter, who is an independent woman fully engaged in claiming her right to full personhood, pursuing her past so she can understand what set the stage for the present, and having a heck of a good time doing so! Stay tuned for this one.  For more information, please contact me at: