Lucile’s four presentations at TOP: An introduction


Lucile told the story of her life four times.

All four of Lucile’s presentations reviewing her life journey,  delivered at TOP, are included here . The fourth telling of her life story from her perspective at 81 years old , Transforming the Myths – Telling Our Stories, 4-16-1992  , is particularly insightful concerning her primary passion, understand the role of women and religion in patriarchy and how it effects all of us. Reading this will give you quite a sense of this intelligent leader and why she committed herself to look at the impacts of religion through the eyes feminism.

From the intro to her fourth effort.

Have I been telling the story or only a story? I reread the three experiential papers I’ve given at TOPS

It seems that I have been telling the same story with a particular emphasis on each occasion. There has been a changing sense-of-self as the years passed but other basic details have remained the same. Where did my real life go?


1983—Journey to Awareness Living with Change–Sharing our Scary Emotions–Anger

1986—A New Balance of Power–Dependence, Independence, Inter dependence. Between Generations: Oscillating Power Dynamics.

1988—Honoring Experience: Reclaiming Our Wisdom. The impact of Women’s Experience on Feminist Theology.

1992—Transforming the Myths–Telling Our Stories