The Sacred

In 1999,  Lucile shares her most intimate reflections after years of contemplation, study, activism and being in nature including:

  • development of the Water Ritual, its origins and what became of it in the UUA

  • the exploitation of the earth by “Man”

She concludes with a summary thought and quote from Missa Gaia by Paul Winter.

“My feeling of the sacred nature of this moon~depicted earth is best portrayed in the Missa Gaia … the Earth Mass by Paul Winter which premiered on Mother’s Day, 1981, celebrating Mother Earth and the mystery of life:

Oh mystery, you are alive, I feel you all around. You are the fire in my heart, you are the holy sound. You are all of life, it is to you that I sing. Grant that I may feel you, always, in everything.

THE SACRED 8-21-1999

Note: This is the last piece that Lucile included. There is no indication where she delivered her comments, but the nature of the text indicates she presented them before a group.