The Monster – Key excerpt from Transforming the Myths


In the intervening years, with the help of my sisters who are critiquing Patriarchal Religion and because of my own reading, for instance Christianity, Patriarchy and Abuse: A Feminist Critique -edited by Joanne Carlson Brown and Carole R. Bohn (a collection of ten articles by feminist theologians from a variety of denominations and Theological Schools) and because of work we are doing here at the Theological Opportunities Program, I have come to see and name some of the evils of patriarchy and religious dogma as they entwine and sustain each other.

What we need to transform are two monsterous myths that have been controlling human consciousness for centuries. They are patriarchy undergirded by orthodox religion. Both myths are not only sexist and racist but also ethnocentric, imperialist, heterosexist and destructive of the global environment and all life on the planet.