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The Women and Religion Movement was formalized by the Women and Religion Resolution which was adopted unanimously at the 1977 General Assembly. Lucile Schuck Longview, the initiator of the resolution, wrote extensively and spoke to  many district assembles and at General Assemblies over the decades following the adoption of this resolution.

Here are links that provide orientation to this important effort and Lucile as thinker and activist for Women and Religion.

Introducing Lucile Schuck Longview, author of the Red Notebook

Roots of the UU Women’s Movement

The Red Notebook

Near the end of her life, she compiled into THE RED NOTEBOOK what she thought were her best talks and writings related to her personal development and futuristic vision; and thoughts about the Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion Resolution.

Image - Red Notebook

She considered this work among the most significant contributions of her life. In these written pieces, Lucile provided invaluable insights and personal revelations. Many of her talks are autobiographical and personal.

Lucile articulates lasting radical and liberal values which challenge the hierarchical patriarchal world view. Taking action into her nineties, Lucile provided a role model to appreciate.

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